We are the United Kingdoms leading manufacturer of commercial integrated venetian blinds often also called integral blinds or interstitial blinds. Motorised venetian blinds, remote controlled and fast rf controlled venetian blinds in between glass.

Integral Blinds - Integrated Blinds - Interstitial Blinds

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Once in a generation if we are lucky, a home design product comes along that totally changes how things are done with an exciting new possibility delivering refreshing new choices and options and that into the bargain resolves a long standing problem that we had to put up with in a choice of existing alternatives.

Integral blinds do just that. Sunshades aluminum bladed venetian blinds sit within the cavity of a double glazed sealed units such as those now found in most windows and doors in both commercial and residential spaces.

Also called integrated blinds or interstitial blinds (pronounced inter sty shull) they have been around now in various forms for about 12 yrs and yet they are still a surprisingly unknown product.

In part this is down to the fact that the integral blinds until recently needed to be corded blinds and lets face it some windows have as many as 5 to 8 panes and who wants all those cords hanging all over the place. This is where the Integral Blinds offering from Sunshade Blinds (Part of the PJB Glass Group) in Corby really is ahead of the game as their Integral Blinds are truly cordless.

This is especially ideal in large glazed areas such as conservatories and other glazed areas comprising multiple paned windows and doors where numbers cords would become unsightly. And as recent press coverage also shows, corded blinds do present a safety hazard to small children something that Sunshade Blinds is concerned to point out.

The cordless Sunshade Blinds integral Blinds function by the use of two very discrete but powerful magnets at the sides of the unit, one magnet that tilts the venetian blades and the other magnet that raises and lowers the blinds. Not only very clever, but very easy to operate.

Because the integral blinds are 'integral' within the double glazed sealed unit itself, they never get dusty or dirty and therefore never need cleaning. A further advantage is of course is that they don't rattle or flap around if you have the window open and neither do they end up in disarray or get damaged as conventional venetian blinds were prone to. Ideal in conservatories.

The blades of the blinds which are aluminum have a lightfast powder coat colouring which comes in over a dozen colour options as standard and scores of colour choices on extended orders. This staggering range of colour options is something that sunshade are particularly proud to boast about because it enables you to choose just the right colour to coordinate with you project whether residential or commercial.

Sunshade manufacture the blinds within high technology top quality energy saving double glazed sealed units using toughened low emissivity glass as standard along with argon gas to really make them perform to the optimum of thermal efficiency.

Lead time from order is usually 4 weeks with an approx price of £150 per m2, a price that competes well with existing solar control alternatives including standard blinds well you consider it includes the high tech glazing also.

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